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  • Roy Sangoe has joined UUPS, March 2016.

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Summary Version Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to set standards for practising healer members of the UUPS.  It also provides a reference on those standards for the public.

1.  Psychic Surgeon's are to practice as Healer's, they are not medically trained Doctor's

2.  The Law in the United Kingdom states that Healer's (which includes Psychic Surgeon's) cannot diagnose.

3.  Practitioner's should during their consultation, ask if the Client has consulted a Doctor before treatment?.

4.  The Practitioner should strongly urge that the Client continue with any medical treatment or programme until their Doctor has instructed otherwise.

5.  There is no reason for a Client to undress, our Spirit Surgeon's will work through clothing.

6.  Healing is complementary but Psychic Surgery can be alternative.

7.  Remember we treat Client's not Patient's.

8.  Our fee, as with other occupations is to cover our time and not for our Healing.

9.   Practitioner's should not make claims to cure, especially with conditions such as Cancer.

10. Practitioner's must be aware of the Section 4, Cancer Act 1939.

11. Practitioner's must abide by the laws of confidentiality.

12. Practitioner's must require their Client's sign an Informed consent disclosure prior to Treatment at all times.

13  Practitioner's must ensure during the Practice of Demonstration's that their Client (although not paying) signs the Informed Consent.

14  Practitioner's and Member's of Unity of UK Psychic Surgeons must abide by the Laws of the United Kingdom as set out in our Member's Handbook page  Code of Conduct.

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